Physical Culture Multidisciplinary artist collective of Julie Héneault, Margaux Parillaud, Ursula Marlee Marcussen and Line-Gry Hørup.

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San Serriffe, Amsterdam Motto Charlottenborg, Copenhagen



On the occasion of DIAL+31 203 313 203 – a listening exhibition dedicated to John Giorno’s Dial-A-Poem records – we floored Kunstverein’s box space with a camaïeu of beiges, black brows and lashes.

It awash in dramatically thin and glamorously natural, however sophisticated thick with seductive sad alignment on exotic curves by which, attractive bends even mysteriously point in a common opacity. ‘Fawn’ is a custom cut and blended carpet. Attend, fold or bend here as you please, and fry to relax the face.

Re: The InvitationInvitation

Diner event for New Year’s eve 2017 in Room G. Composition of a menu where every guest was attributed with a piece of the feast to prepare, a task to do and/or object to bring. Apéritif Damidoff à la Babette, Hors-d’oeuvre, Main, French Cheese and a special Meringue Desert accompanied the journey to 2018.  

La liste des préparatifs Physical Culture was invited for a 3-day workshop at the Institut Supérieur des Beaux Arts (ISBA) in Besançon(FR). The students were tasked to produce lists around the date Friday the 13th of October 2017.      Plans Change, That’s What Happens (Le Rideau)IMG_0116 A curtain from 40kg of pasta, is the outcome of a residency Physical Culture participated in at Villa Belleville in Paris, spring 2017. It was produced as a backdrop for a series of performances and readings.  Multi-presence, repetitive labour, methods of collaboration and the sensitivity between practicality of furniture and the decoration of space are central for the work. Physical Culture paper writer engages in an ongoing praxis of intertwining topological focal points to solid objects of various formats, which desires to shape/remind best essay writing agency in USA and UK term papers and custom paper writing the sensation of being in a room.

Business Card Series 2017card

  Annual Report 2015–2016

One year ago we started collaborating under the name physical culture. We are now happy to be celebrating our cotton wedding anniversary by sharing our annual report. The form of the annual report belongs to what’s called gray literature, a genre that is non-commercial nor uses traditional distribution channels. The purpose of production and focus of topic vary from lists of inventory, financial reports to chritsmas cards. Its emphemeral quality provides an equally poetic and functional insight to a concrete testimony of labour.

Our collaboration began as the result of a residency at Da Costakade at the end of 2015 in Amsterdam. Working together as friends, the residency provided a stage to carefully mount subjectivities to physical formats. A main concern was the stretch of the body and time. In this time we were exercizing a method which delicately interconnect topics, be it forms of writing, building, moving or hosting. We were searching for connotations and comfort in physical objects, establishing spaces with the effective language of decoration.

The project as a whole was–beside an online agenda–consiting of the 3 following parts:

1 The opening: 17th of December 2015

We floored the 64 m2 space with a wall-to-wall carpet. It was the experience of a collaborative labor, providing a surface to host intimate sessions of work and relaxation. It was executed with the lazy body in mind, inviting its visitors to stretch out horizontally. For the opening we invited for a casual slumber and served infused alcohol of pine nuts, maple sirup, olives and cypress tree hidden in the closet marked by the number 1.


2 The reception: 31th of December 2015

On New Year’s day 2015, we invited for exercises on the carpet; warm-up, transitions, stretching and massage. We served a tower of champagne a ‘horn of plenty’ and glazed red apples. We chose this specific day of New Year’s eve, in order to harvest the specialness of a common ritual and the natural bringing together of people for an invisible spectacle.


3 The finissage: 24th of March 2016

As a closure, we produced a publication consisting of texts and images reflecting on the topic discussed before, during and after our residency. It was launched at San Serriffe in Amsterdam. The space has a bright yellow-painted floor and a neon ceiling. For the event, we switched the colors of the two, by altering the light and applying a softer surface to the floor. We read excerpts of our texts, of which one guided the guests into a restful meditative state. For ordering please email. billede-25-03-2016-11-45-54


Good morning: 31st of March 2016

In the aftermath of the residency, we performed at Unfair Art Fair in Amsterdam. Mixing leftover ideas from our residency, we produced a series of semi transparent foldable walls which provided a room for us and our audience to feel calm in, at what otherwise felt like a large and unfamiliar setting. As a result we performed our texts cut up as a play of sound alongside a choice of our favorite ASMR soundscapes.


Kenzo: 17–19 of October 2016

Following a period of moving in an out of countries, physical culture finally regrouped in october 2016 as the fashion brand KENZO inquired a large-scale mural for a new shop in Barcelona. The production is still to be finished, but here are our proposals which each utilize different methods of production.


Chroma Lives: 3rd of December 2016

If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution, asked us to participate in ‘Chroma Lives’; a performative archive project by Erin Alexa Freedman and Lili Huston-Herterich which explores ‘Chromaliving: New Designs for Living’—a group exhibition held in Toronto in 1983 within a former department store, and comprising a theatricalized vision of contemporary living through domestic room displays—and its contemporary “restaging”. The curator Grant Watson engaged with the artists in a conversation about the project and the presentation was set within a mise-en-scène of works by Amsterdam-based practitioners working at the nexus of art and design including us. For this occasion and within this context, we revisited the carpet from our residency. Working on the carpet and giving it a new more closed shape, also closed the year full circle.



September 2017 New York Artbook Fair 2017, MoMA PS1

July 2017 EOTYS, Werkplaats Typografie



July 2016 Keys Kiss event at Villa Belleville, Paris


July 2016 Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2017 at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagencharlottenborg